AQA GCSE English Language Past Papers: Nov 2017

AQA GCSE English Language past papers from November 2017 are now available. Get them while they’re hot and use them in your exam preparation.

Included here are links to the AQA GCSE English Language past Question Papers (QP), Inserts (INS), Mark Schemes (MS) and Examiner Reports (ER). A link is also provided to the AQA GCSE Grade Boundaries for November 2017.

Sadly, some of the reading texts are not re-produced for copyright reasons but you can still use the papers to practise the writing tasks and to better understand the ways the exam board asks questions.

Mor full sets of sample papers, with reading texts, are available to buy: Revise AQA Practice Papers, CGP AQA Practice Papers

Paper 1 – Practice

Paper 1 – Assess

Paper 2 – Practice

Paper 2 – Assess

Grade Boundaries

The Process

Start with the Question Papers and Inserts. Set the exact time on the clock, put away all distractions and complete the practice exam. Or, you may prefer to divide the exam and complete each section separately.

Then, download the Mark Schemes and use them to help you understand how well you’ve done. It is true that Mark Schemes can be difficult to interpret but there will be some useful information if you persevere with them.

Your tutor/teacher may also be happy to mark your answers. However, be sure to give them a copy of the exam script so they don’t have to guess which text and task you are responding to!

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