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There are lots of AQA GCSE English Language sample papers available to buy. Here are reviews of some of the best AQA GCSE English Language sample papers available right now.

They follow the familiar format of the official AQA past papers and challenge you with a range of different texts from the nineteenth century to the present day.

This solves the problem caused by the exam board (AQA), in their infinite wisdom, only making three sets of GCSE English Language past papers available as of early 2019: Specimen 1, June 2017, November 2017.

This pack from CGP provides two Paper 1s and two Paper 2s. There are challenging texts and familiar exam style questions with space for writing timed answers. Mark schemes are also provided for you to have a go at understanding better what the examiners are looking for.

This excellent textbook from Oxford breaks down every question and goes through exactly what is required to get excellent grades. Included are two full sample papers with mark schemes. An excellent purchase.

This set of AQA GCSE English Language sample papers is published by York Notes. There are two full sample papers and a mark scheme. The mark scheme is particularly helpful as it comes with sample answers you can compare to your own.

There are eight sample papers in this pack which represents remarkable value and could definitely give you enough practice to be getting on with. There are good exam-style texts from the Victorian era to the present day and the familiar AQA questions help you practise and improve.

How to Practise – Section A

Read with a highlighter pen in your hand. Highlight: quotes that stand out, powerful words, language techniques.

Then, read the questions and use them to guide further annotations and thinking. For Paper 1 Question 4 (P1Q4), for example, annotate quotes and add marginal notes that define an ‘impression’.

Make sure to complete the practice paper within the allotted time, in one go. Then complete another one. And then another. Keep going!

Your tutor/teacher may be happy to mark your answers. However, be sure to give them a copy of the exam script so they don’t have to guess which text and task you are responding to!

Next Steps

Each practice you do gets you closer to your goal. There are many other things you can do to help boost your grade:

  • Check your handwriting for clarity.
  • Check that you have definitely answered the questions – did you use words from the question in your answer?
  • Have you referred to the writer in your answers? Have you used their last name? Is the name spelled correctly?
  • In Paper 1 Question 3 have you referred to structural techniques? Changes in tone, setting, perspective, focus, speaker, pace.
  • Have you punctuated quotations correctly? Make sure you add full stops when you have placed a quotation at the end of a sentence.

Good luck!

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