How to use apostrophes correctly

A woman writing in a book, using apostrophes correctly.
Photo by Gift Habeshaw

Using apostrophes correctly is an easy way to gain more marks in GCSE English exam writing. So, with a little bit of clear thinking, apostrophes can be used correctly every single time. Then sit back and watch those marks roll in. Continue reading

Spelling: there, their and they’re

Letterpress letters. Spelling: there, their and they're.
Photo by Fabio Santaniello Bruun

Spelling ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ can cause major confusion. Learn strategies here to tell them apart and get it right every time. Continue reading

How to capitalise proper nouns

bruno-martins-442162-unsplash. How to capitalise proper nouns.
Photo by Bruno Martins

Capitalising proper nouns is an easy habit to develop but so often ignored. Start here to learn how to capitalise proper nouns and see your marks soar. Continue reading

How to format paragraphs clearly

Coloured lockers. How to format paragraphs correctly.
Photo by moren hsu

Learn how to format paragraphs clearly and consistently. Your text will look more professional, it will be easier to read and you will get higher marks. Continue reading

How to format dialogue in stories

A wall covered in books. How to format dialogue in stories.
Photo by Eugenio Mazzone

Good dialogue, well formatted, can bring a story to life and see you rocket up the mark scale. Learn how to format dialogue in stories here. Continue reading