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Hello! I am Edward Mooney, a Cambridge graduate and a highly successful and experienced teacher of English, specialising in exam preparation for GCSE. I am passionate about raising students’ confidence, de-mystifying the curriculum and helping students to believe in their own potential. My entire approach is to equip students with the knowledge and exam strategies they need to complete any English assessment, to a high standard, with confidence and certainty.

I work full-time as a tutor so I can devote all my attention to my small cohort of students. Tutoring online offers so much flexibility and potential. Students can expect to benefit from a range of digital learning resources produced by me especially for them: tutorials, flashcards, sample answers, past papers.

My priority is to open up top grades in GCSE English to students who feel lost or left-behind in the English classroom. The doors opened by good grades at GCSE can change a student’s life dramatically for the better and I want to help them to walk with confidence through those doors to a prosperous, confident future.

Tutoring Experience

I have 14+ years of teaching and tutoring experience in the UK and abroad. I am now a full-time online tutor for students all over the world.

I teach students from all backgrounds, including many who speak English as a second language. My knowledge of other languages (French, Spanish) is incredibly helpful as it allows me to view English as a speaker of another language might. I help students to see the similarities between English and their first languages and to appreciate the differences, without being confused by them.

I never stop learning and I regularly take exams to continue my foreign language progress. This is extremely valuable as it allows me to see the world of exam assessment as a student, to understand the pressures and to realise how easily students can misunderstand exam instructions. I help students adopt a pragmatic, systematic approach to exam-taking, just as I do when I sit my own exams.

I have an excellent track record and the reviews on this page (see below) show just how valuable my work has been for students and parents. Every year I see the following in my students:

  • GCSE English Language and English Literature grades rise by minimum two grades, often more.
  • confidence rises and students do not experience exam panic.
  • students also report improvements in other subjects, especially those with essay style assessments, as a result of my tuition.

After the summer 2019 exams:

  • 100% of students improved their grade by 2 grades or more.
  • 100% of students moved from a low grade to a good/high passing grade in their GCSEs.
  • 100% of students/parents were extremely likely to recommend me to a friend or colleague.

Naturally, students who had longer courses of tuition (12 to 24 months) progressed furthest. I therefore always recommend a minimum of one academic year of exam tuition.I have QTS (qualified teacher status) in the UK and I have a clean enhanced DBS disclosure.

Tutoring Approach

I use Skype and the Google Classroom app to provide interactive online tuition. In a typical session, I set an exam reading task and teach strategies for reading and note-taking under time pressure. Then, I take the opportunity to help students improve their knowledge of grammar and literary concepts (e.g. simile, personification, noun phrase, semantic field) through exemplification, testing and discussion.

I then ask the student to write an answer (or part answer) under timed conditions before suggesting improvements by working through sample answers, mark schemes and examiners’ reports. All of this is enriched by using digital technology as it allows me to, for example, annotate poems, embed video and audio and work with text in ways that would not be possible with paper and pen.

Timed homework (usually writing) is always set and forms the beginning of the next session where the student will receive a grade and feedback on how to improve.

I make use of a full range of learning resources – past papers, sample essays, textbooks, digital apps, reference works – as well as my own wealth of knowledge.

I work to help the student develop a series of strategies and writing habits designed to be memorised and repeated, that they can then use to help guide their independent work – especially when alone in an exam.

I am flexible and responsive. I choose the approach that works best, changing and adapting where necessary. I work to build trust between myself, students and parents, encouraging students to achieve their maximum potential.

Thus, through intensive work – writing, reading and discussion – and immediate constructive feedback on what needs to be improved, students gain confidence in their new knowledge and skills and they get the results they need.

Safeguarding: I have a clean enhanced DBS disclosure available to view on request.

Qualifications: I graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. I gained a PGCE from the University of Sussex.

Prices: start from £70. Early booking advised!


“Higher grades than I ever hoped for.”

Julie, 2018.

“For the first time in years I felt confident.”

Jo, 2018.

“Absolute legend! I wouldn’t have achieved this without you.”

Finley, 2018.

“An inspiring tutor. He is excellent.”

Melanie, 2015.

More testimonials are available on my First Tutors profile.

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