An Inspector Calls Model Answers for GCSE English Literature Grade 9 – School Licence Edition (eBook)


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GCSE English Literature An Inspector Calls Grade 9 model answers from The best preparation for the AQA GCSE English Literature exams.

Twelve An Inspector Calls essay tasks with complete Grade 9 model answers. Available immediately as a PDF download.


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These GCSE English Literature An Inspector Calls model answers are perfect for mock exam preparation, revision and last-minute exam practice.

“No nonsense, just gets straight to the point and makes it really easy for my nephew to learn how to pass his GCSE with flying colours. If you decide to buy this then you’ll not be disappointed.”

These Grade 9 GCSE English Literature An Inspector Calls model answers are available immediately as a PDF download.

“Really good model answers that helped my son develop a better style for the forthcoming exams: more detailed, great range of vocabulary, less repetition. He now writes with more confidence and feels ready for the exam.


Writing essays under timed conditions is incredibly difficult so get the best preparation for exam success by reading, and learning from, these model answers and then by doing regular timed exam practice. Use these model answers to guide your interpretation of Priestley’s play, helping you to identify the best quotes for exam essay use, the best and most relevant subject terminology and the best vocabulary to impress your examiner. The essays also demonstrate how to navigate the complex relationship between this mid-twentieth century text and its early twentieth century setting.


Each chapter contains an exam task and a planning checklist designed to help students do regular timed writing practice. There are also twelve complete model essays, based on recent exam questions, to help students understand what a good essay looks like. Each model essay demonstrates what the examiners are looking for:

  • a critical writing style
  • an informed personal response
  • use of textual references, including embedded quotations
  • analysis of language, form and structure
  • relevant subject terminology where appropriate
  • demonstration of relationship between text and context
  • accurate spelling and punctuation


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  1. Mrs Birling – an unlikeable character
  2. How society could be improved
  3. Eric’s attitudes
  4. Social class
  5. Selfishness
  6. Sheila’s lessons about herself
  7. Mr Birling caring only for himself
  8. Irresponsible male characters
  9. Gerald and responsibility
  10. Unfair society
  11. Gerald and women
  12. Eva Smith and poverty


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