Power and Conflict Poetry Model Answers for GCSE English Literature Grade 9 (Paperback)

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GCSE English Literature Power and Conflict Poetry Grade 9 model answers from GCSEEnglish.uk. The best preparation for the AQA GCSE English Literature exams.

Fifteen Power and Conflict Poetry essay tasks with complete Grade 9 model answers.


Stacks of model answers to get you exam-ready. Nothing beats GCSEEnglish.uk books for revision!

  • TOP GRADES If you’re trying to hunt down a top grade, you’re on the right track. This brilliant guide contains the excellent guidance GCSE English Literature students need to write simply marvellous essays on the AQA Poetry Anthology: Power and Conflict. Sit your exams with confidence and certainty, ready to amaze your examiner with your knowledge and skill.
  • MODEL ANSWERS This book is packed with crystal-clear, easy-to-read model essays on the plot, characters, themes, writer’s techniques and context of the AQA Power and Conflict Poetry plus essay writing checklists to help you write your own perfect Grade 9 exam essays. Each task is based on a real past AQA exam question.
  • EXAMINER-WRITTEN Each essay is written by a qualified and experienced GCSE teacher, tutor and examiner, making them ideal for helping Year 11 and Year 10 school students improve essay writing on the AQA Power and Conflict Poetry in preparation for the GCSE English Literature exams.
  • EXCELLENT REVIEWS Students, parents and teachers love these model answers saying that they “make it really easy to pass GCSE with flying colours” and that they are an “essential resource” for all GCSE English students. Find out more at GCSEEnglish.uk
  • eBOOK This book is also available for immediate download as an eBook.


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“No nonsense, just gets straight to the point and makes it really easy for my nephew to learn how to pass his GCSE with flying colours. If you decide to buy this then you’ll not be disappointed.”

“Really good model answers that helped my son develop a better style for the forthcoming exams: more detailed, great range of vocabulary, less repetition. He now writes with more confidence and feels ready for the exam.”

3 reviews for Power and Conflict Poetry Model Answers for GCSE English Literature Grade 9 (Paperback)

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    The best help for my exams.

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    Really helped my son.

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    Thanks for this book. I finally get how to write these essays.

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